The Treasure Hunt

I was on a treasure hunt with my sister, Ava. A few days ago me and her found this map and it leeds to our back yard so today we go out and start looking. I am holding the map and ava is moving where I tell her to go. I say move to the left then mak four steps. As we get really close to the X, ava saters yelling she sees a treasure box she stops moving and waits for me to catch up, then she and I run to the box and laying beside it was a key I grab it and ava lifts the top open, but it doesn’t move. I show her the key and she takes a step back. So I put the key in the hole and the top flies open. Ava has so much excitement, she looks in and there’s nothing there. It’s empty. What a surprise!

The Wierd\Fun Night!!

I got a concert ticket for tonight and I can’t wait!!! It is for Justin Bieber!


Finally it is time to go in the car,it is only a 5 minute drive. Me and my mom and my dad get in the car my sister is staying with my aunt. We get in the mood for him so we put his songs on in the car. Then we stop dad gets out then I run to the door and sit in the seats we had saved for us and the lights dimmed. AND….. he stars singing and the notes it was completely out of tune.A few people said “BBBOOO” a few people got up and left their seats.Then  Justin bieber ran off the stage. We got up and got back in the car. That was sad his voice was so good but tonight it was so bad! “Maybe we will come some other night and he might be better, insted how about we have a family fun night?” said dad. “Sure” I said then we all started yelling to the music trying to be like justin bieber that night! This night might be fun after all!!!!



Me and my friend olivia were walking down a fogy road.We started to talk about school and homework then she just fell.I went to help her get up but she was not on the ground.I looked around me but she was no ware to be seen.I put my hands up and said “I give up you got me!” thinking that it was one of her jokes that she does,but there was no anser.Nomaly she would come out right after I say that, but she is still no ware to be found.But how coud she just disappear? “Olivia!!!” I yell.But still silence.

The Night Of The Big Day.


The play was today and conner was on for scene 4. And it was called conner fails so this was going to be interesting.He is the teacher and he going to teach the class.But he is only a ten year old kid! So he said that we can play on the switch and labo.Then Connor is helping me set it up and then we hear a yell coming from Kayia! She said,”fire, a fire!” Connor runs over to the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Then the bell rang,we all walked out laughing!

The Weird Day

One day I was riding my pink bicycle home from school with my friends. I had to babysit some kids this afternoon, so I got ready for them. Then I hear the door bell ring. And I run down stairs, open the door and they came in. They said good bye to the pearents and we ate some dinner and then we played with some blocks and next we had a bath they wanted a lot of bubbles so I got the bubbles and they were empty so they just had a plan bath. Then when we came out  of the bath the door bell rang so we went down stairs and one little girl said to her mom that I did not have any bubbles and the mom got mad at me and said that i was Fired!

The Best Christmas

It was the day before chistmas and we all went to bed. Me, Ava, Dad, Mom.then I woke up to my Dad was saying that it was christmas.I ran  to Ava’s room,then I woke her up, then ran in Mom’s room then we all ran down stairs.To find presents around the christmas tree. Ava opened the first gift then me and we keep on talking turns.I got holly, and a ordament,and this wired eye, and others.I had the best time!!

The Bike Man

     One day my aunt told me a story about my uncle. So one day she said that he was going to the woods with his friends and they were telling him to do a carzy filp on the bike. So he did and landed in the tree that was next to him. His bike got stuck into the tree. He got slamd in the tree and my aunt started walking through the woods and showed me the tree with the bike in it.” No one herd of him since.” She said.She looked at me and smiled and started walking back to the house.

Save the Princess

“I Tessa MIller the brave will go to the dragan forist to get the butiful princess.” I say. Ava prettends that there is a dragon garding the stack of pilows that looks like a tower that Ava is on the top of. I jump over the river of doom! (It is just the blue blanket that we have.) I go under the dragan cave to get to Ava. I get to the cassle then two more dragons come to gard the door.I fight them off.I run to the door I wonder what is behinnd the door? It was Princess Ava!!!!!! We run out of the tower and under the cave. Finally we  are free!!!


Scary Green Man

One morning I wake up to mom yelling at Ava I can’t hear what they are saying but as I get out of bed and down stars I her ava say “why can”t have a popsicle”  mom said “because I said so” as I come down the stars I smell food. I start running to the food but I slooly realize that It is not mom it is a green man. Ava Is still crying. Then the green man looked at me and then starts running at me and then It went black.



My mom and dad went out and I had to babysit my little sister. She is in her terrible twoes.she siad she wants to go to the bath. She is a fighter when it comes to the bath. So I bring her to the bathroom.she danced in the tub and then I grabed her orange ducky and clumsly fell and the duck fluw out of my hand then it landed on Ava’s head.Mom and Dad came home and we went to bed!!!!Thank goodness.